Beginning the climb

All this climbing stuff…  I feel a bit like the von Trapp Family.

We had quite a good session with five of the recruits (and two trainers and a “stooge”) on Thursday – and there seemed to be a demand for another session today (Monday).  Bells were muffled (I use the simple motorbike tyre ones that give just a little subliminal feedback as they ring) so I wasn’t too worried about ringing in Holy Week so I said ‘yes’ to two of them.  On my own, I couldn’t really do justice to more.

After two hours, I had to throw them out – a service was about to begin in church!  The trouble was, one of them brought her sister.  And her neighbour!  So some of the time was taken up with another trip up to see the bells – but doing handling with four of them was hardly ideal.

They’re a lovely quartet though.  I think that they all know each other anyway (great!) and, once we all stop chattering, we’ll get on well.  There was a certain amount of gloom when I said I couldn’t manage anything, now, till after Easter.

Another simple step forward today.  The previous tower captain kept moaning about the dim lighting in the tower – a couple of 100watt bulbs.  The solution was simple; Google produced a couple of those spirally things.  55watt with the equivalent output of 250Watt.  We can now see in our ringing chamber!

<dances off, singing; “The Tower is Alive… with the Sound of Ringing”>

p.s.  Probably few people add quite as many victims ringers onto the ART site in one go as I have just done – but could the programmers possibly think about putting an “Add another” button on the page that just says something about “Return to…” which makes you go through the whole rigmarole again?

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