New Log Book

We had fun last night when having already seen 9 learners through Level 1 and 5 through Level 2 I thought I knew most of what was required at each level. However when asking what one of my learners needed to ring she asked me about 2 of the skills. You can imagine my surprise when I saw at the bottom of the first page for Level 2 topics which I had not seen before and one which I didn’t even understand myself. Luckily we had Alan Bentley with us and he was able  to put us on the right track.

We then had great fun doing ring, stand and move round one place.

Then we rang on alternate strokes – can’t remember the terminology for this and I don’t have a log book to hand.

We now have 2 new party pieces!

Debbie Phipps (Lytchett Matravers)

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