Module 1 (Teaching Handling) course to be held at Rumney near Cardiff, 1st September 2018

On the 1st September, Rumney tower (6 bells) near Cardiff will be hosting a module 1 course in teaching bell handling, tutored by Frank Seabright.

St Augustine, Rumney (6 bells)

St Augustine, Rumney (6 bells)

The course is Module 1 of the ART Teacher training programme and is a mixture of practical exercises and theory presentations  where teaching basic bell handling is broken down into small, manageable steps starting with the bell in the down position.

The day course is the first step in skill development and teachers are encouraged to go away and put everything into practice by teaching at least one person to handle a bell and completing a teacher’s log book where teaching sessions are planned and reviewed. Inexperienced but aspiring teachers are welcomed on the course, ideally supported by another teacher who already has some experience of teaching so that ideas can be shared and discussed. Existing teachers will also find the course has plenty of ideas to help extend their skills and they can put everything into practice themselves and also support newer teachers if they are willing to. This can lead to accreditation through the mentoring route.

The accreditation process is a great opportunity for all teachers to consolidate their skills and gain confidence, with an ART assessor coming to observe their teaching when they feel ready. ART recommend this takes no longer than 2 years from the date of the Module 1 day course.

Parking at Rumney is available on surrounding streets, the 6 bells are accessed via a short flight of stairs and there are both kitchen and toilet facilities in the Church itself.

Course fees are £20 payable to ART (plus any other local contributions to cover refreshments) and places can be requested using the course booking form here.




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