It’s All About Paying Back – by Lynne Sydes

I was recently asked to be a ‘helper’ on a ringing course and I felt it was a great honour to be asked and to be able to pay back in some small way the countless hours experienced ringers (‘helpers’) have given me in my first year of ringing under the ‘Ringing Remembers’ scheme.

I may only be making the tea but it got me thinking HOW to pay back – and I decided to make a bequest to ART because I really believe the drive to teach teachers and offer a structured approach to learning gives everyone something extra. For me it has ensured quicker progression, I have rung two quarter peals, found a wonderful new community of friends and a new sense of purpose in my life. Without ART I may well have dropped out.I  also enjoyed chatting bells to the rather bemused solicitor – spread the word!

This article first appeared in the October Edition of Tower Talk, to download the rest of the free magazine, please click here

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