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Death by Bob Doubles? (Or ‘What a Load of Bayles!)

By on 10-Mar-2020 - One of the things I do for my (ringing) sins is to organise the Thursday morning training sessions at the Edgehill Ringing Centre in Kineton, Warwickshire. We run two sessions of about 75mins each, each with two trainees who take it in turn to ring with a ‘good’ band around them. Of course, this means […] Read more

In Praise of Thingummy…..

By on 03-Apr-2017 - “Thingummy” was probably devised by Dennis Bayles, and is known by many ringers as “Bayles Method”, more pedantically “Repeating Lead Bob Doubles”. What is it? By the treble making 4 places at the back, and the 2nd making 2 places under it, these two bells are swapped over in their coursing back to where they […] Read more