Dodge Matching Game

In order to get your circle of work knowledge really slick, so you always know which dodge to do next, we have invented a game.

Dodge matching game

There are three sets of cards:

Set 1, blue – has each dodge for Bob Doubles on a card.

Set 2, dark green – has the same dodges, one on a card.

Set 3, pale green – has the bob calls, one on a card.Here is a set of cards for Plain Bob Doubles:


Place the blue cards face up, spread out so you can see them. Choose either set 2 or set 3, depending on whether you are ringing plain courses or touches. Place these cards in a stack, with the writing face down.

Set a timer to one minute. Turn one card over from the face down deck then, as quick as you can, choose the face up card which has the next piece of work on it. Place these two cards to one side and turn up another card. The idea is to see how quickly you can make the match, how many dodges can you match in a minute. Our record at Shenfield is 20!We use the game when anyone is just starting learning work inside or starting touches, so they can practise recalling instantly which piece of work to do next time after a dodge (in a plain course) or a bob in a touch.The cards were simply produced on a computer. If they are printed on card they can be cut out to make the play pieces.They can be adapted to any method.

[If you like the idea but are not sufficiently computer-literate to produce a suitable file for printing yourself,take a look on SmART Ringer. You can download PDFs of instructions and game cards for printing as supporting resources for Plain Bob Doubles. They’re available at]

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