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Caistor Ringers – if you can’t beat’ em…….

By on 11-Dec-2017 - We are a small band at Caistor and since January 2017 five of us have been progressing through the new ART programme at different levels. We are grateful to Heather Peachey for introducing us to the programme, teaching us and guiding us through the process. As a result we all feel that we have made […] Read more

Why I nearly Sacrificed Bell Ringing for the Benefit of My Teacher!

By on 26-Sep-2015 - I think this is a better way of putting it than writing about why I nearly gave up bell ringing as that suggests I was unhappy or not enjoying ringing which was never the case. Week after week Vicki and I faced each other on opposite sides of a bell rope, me feeling I was […] Read more