Two wheels

Two wheels on my wagon

Two wheels on my wagon

What has a scooter to do with ringing?  Now that we’re a one-car family and the demands of the bell tower are growing, I can’t afford the time it takes to walk down (and back up!) to church when my busy wife has the four wheels.  So, at nearly 70, I’ve done my Basic Training, bought a crash hat (it’s enormous. I feel like The Stig!) and am looking forward to my bright blue monster shortly (not a nice new one as in the picture, I’m afraid.)

Our brand new band is beginning to develop.  There seems to be a bit of a split between the men (who can only do one day a week, it seems) and the women (most of whom live within a few hundred yards of the church and will turn up at the drop of a hat).  It’s early days, but I need to be sure that this split doesn’t become a rift.  We had a bit of a fallow week during Holy Week but they are all making good progress.

I just got this one problem.  I’ve never been good at names – and I KEEP getting them wrong!

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