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My First Quarter Peal – The Result of a True Team Effort!

By on 14-Jan-2020 - Take a lot of Tysoe, namely David Bell and David Rake as my mentors, an idealistic and ideal band in Lighthorne and one crazy 63 year-old-American hand surgeon, bent on at least trying to learn the ropes, handstroking and backstroking his way between Braunschweig via Hanover to London-Heathrow and Tysoe six times a year and […] Read more

The Steeplechase – by Niels Benatar of Braunschweig, Germany & the Tysoes in Wawrickshire

By on 09-Sep-2019 - In the previous edition of Tower Talk, I described my long-distance relationship with English bell ringing from my home in Braunschweig, Germany. I have now developed an affinity for the Tysoes and the Cotswolds which makes me feel giddy. It’s not just the addictive (six times this year alone!) elopement-like jaunts from Thursday to Saturday, […] Read more