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Tower Leadership Workshop to be held at Stretham REC, 28th October

By on 10-Oct-2017 - On the 28th October, Pip Penney will be facilitating a Tower Leadership Workshop at Stretham Ringing Education Centre in Cambridgeshire. The day is ideal for Tower Captains, aspiring Tower Captains, Ringing masters or guild officers – or indeed anyone else who is interested in developing their leadership skills. This is a classroom based workshop where […] Read more

Listen and Strike Workshop at Stretham – second workshop available!

By on 23-Jul-2017 - Due to popular demand, a second opportunity to attend a ‘Listen and Strike’ workshop at Stretham REC (Cambs) has been arranged. The workshop is open to any ringer who would like to improve their striking and listening skills and a full description of the programme can be found here. There will be practical exercises on […] Read more

Simulator Workshop to be held at Stretham, Cambs 29th April 2017

By on 20-Mar-2017 - This half-day workshop will take place at the Stretham Ringing Education Centre on the 29th April, between 10am and 1pm. It will be tutored by Roger Booth and is ideal for anyone interested in teaching others with the assistance of a simulator. The workshop will explore the various items of hardware and software available, their […] Read more

Review of ART Conducting Course Part 1 – Calling Bob Doubles

By on 15-Feb-2016 - A personal perspective by a Conducting Course (Part 1) training participant. Most people reading will be more progressed than I in bell ringing. You may find this write-up a bit obvious but you may still enjoy, and remember, when you were where I’m at now. I learned Bob Doubles some years ago and then just […] Read more

Conducting Course at Stretham Ringing Education Centre

By on 15-Dec-2015 - Two conducting courses will be given on the 13th February 2016 at Stretham Ringing Education Centre by Nicholas Small. These courses were devised by Simon Linford on behalf of  ART and were over-subscribed when given at the REC in 2015. The courses are a mix of ringing and theory. The beginners’ course in the afternoon is for […] Read more

ART Conducting course given by Simon Linford at Stretham REC on 17/10/2015

By on 09-Nov-2015 - The course very successfully debunked the subject of conducting. The mix of theory and practical meant that brains never became overloaded before being given a chance to see what the theory meant in practice. At that point, the confusing juggling with letters resolved itself into “oh look, that bell was going before the others and […] Read more