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Teaching Andrew – first blows of Plain Hunt to touches of St Simons in 3 weeks

By on 07-Feb-2018 - Following my post on Facebook in mid-November, about a young man who was ringing the treble independently to touches of Plain Bob, Grandsire and St Simon’s Doubles less than three weeks after his first blows in plain hunt on 5 bells, I agreed to share the learning programme we had devised for him. I was […] Read more

Let’s Get Social!

By on 02-Sep-2017 - Do you like chatting about ringing? If so, you might enjoy the company of other ringers worldwide, in the various bell ringing facebook groups. There are many such groups but one has been set up specially for you. (Yes, YOU!!) There is a Learning the Ropes facebook group which is only for new ringers learning […] Read more

50/50 Club Draw News

By on 15-Jul-2017 - The ART LtR 50/50 club June draw was done on a “Codgers” bell ringing outing in Cumbria on a ‘lovely’ wet day. The group of eager ringers who are free to ring in the daytime midweek (i.e. retired) held their breath in anticipation of their own number being drawn, or at least that of someone […] Read more

Trail Blazing at Tulloch

By on 06-May-2017 - Tulloch Farm is a secular ringing centre in the Highlands of Scotland, about 16 miles from Fort William. There is a ring of 12 bells, which are fairly light and very easy to ring. In another room there are 8 more bells which are much smaller; the largest is only 1cwt, but again they are […] Read more