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Teaching Andrew – first blows of Plain Hunt to touches of St Simons in 3 weeks

By on 07-Feb-2018 - Following my post on Facebook in mid-November, about a young man who was ringing the treble independently to touches of Plain Bob, Grandsire and St Simon’s Doubles less than three weeks after his first blows in plain hunt on 5 bells, I agreed to share the learning programme we had devised for him. I was […] Read more

Module 2F at Edgmond, Shropshire – Report

By on 29-Mar-2017 - Having previously attended a Module 1 course, worked through to accreditation, and found it all a huge help for myself and our new band of ringers at Broseley (now established with the ART Learning the Ropes scheme), I was very glad of the opportunity to attend this Module 2F course on Teaching from Rounds to […] Read more

Plain Hunt pain

By on 10-Oct-2016 - As a learner I read Bob Cox’s review of the 2F teacher’s module with interest, particularly the Plain Hunt part as that’s the stage I am at myself. I have some thoughts on what helped me make the jump from call changes to plain hunt, which I’ve discussed with the other people I’m learning with. […] Read more

Module 2 Foundations – Course at Marsworth, 1st October

By on 16-Jun-2016 - On the 1st October 2016, All Saints’ Marsworth will host our first M2F course (the F stands for ‘Foundations’).  The course will be tutored by Paul Lewis. M2F is the newest course developed as part of the ART Training scheme, aimed at supporting teachers who are working with bands ringing from rounds to plain hunt. […] Read more

ART Module 2 course at Marsworth, by Brian Baldwin

By on 21-Oct-2015 - Held at All Saints’ Marsworth – Saturday 17th October 2015 Tutor: Pip Penney Six Teachers and two Mentors met, representing Barnes, Caterham, Fulham, Great Brickhill, Linslade, Wokingham and Woughton on the Green Towers. Having been a Tower Captain for 40 years and just spent two years teaching a new band in a local tower, virtually […] Read more