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Two rather good days

By on 10-May-2019 - No real headlines – but we’ve had a couple of good days here in Yorkshire Tail-End Citadel at Kildwick. Today was quite a one-off.  Six weeks ago, I asked the “vicar” (she’s actually an “interim priest-in-charge”, but few are concerned about such niceties!) if there were any weddings to ring for this year and was […] Read more

Getting shirty

By on 02-Dec-2017 - The imminent arrival of the latest Couture Collection at Kildwick means more than simple sartorial splendour.  A range of polos, hoodies and fleeces carry two closely-linked logos that symbolise the growing together of the young MiniRingers and the adult inhabitants of the tower. The “MaxiRingers” are making great progress and it is easy to take […] Read more