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Module 2 C course to be held in North Shields, 23rd February 2019

By on 10-Dec-2018 - On the 23rd February, Christ Church in North Shields will be hosting a module 2 C course, which focusses on methods of teaching early change ringing skills. The course tutor will be Moira Johnson. As well as discussing ways to teach foundation skills, the day course will cover activities and unusual methods to aid learning […] Read more

The old girl’s done it despite a heavy head cold.

By on 03-Oct-2018 - 10 months after taking the ART Module2/2C course in London Ms Deb Margason-Baker ( 35 from Farnham ) surprised herself and shocked her mentor Mr Roger Booth ( 45 from Arlesford) by passing the theory test at 93.33% despite suffering from a heavy head cold. Speaking in an accent she picked up in the ‘Big […] Read more

New structure for ART Training Scheme Module 2

By on 10-Jul-2016 - From 1 May 2016, new ART Training Scheme regulations introduced a revised structure to ART Training Scheme Module 2. Introduction of new Module 2F (Foundations) – Teaching from Rounds to Plain Hunt Renaming of legacy Module 2 to Module 2C (Changes) – Teaching Elementary Change Ringing The new Modules provide greater choice, flexibility and opportunity […] Read more