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Day Courses
Can I attend a Module 2 Day Course before I’ve attended Module 1?
What’s the difference between Module 2F and Module 2C?

Where can I find the theory tests after attending my Day Course?
What is the teacher accreditation pathway?
The teacher I am mentoring is not going to accredit
Do I need to teach a ringer through all 5 Levels of the LtR Scheme to be accredited?
an I be accredited using someone I taught to ring before I attended Module 1?

ART Membership & DBS
Do I need to be accredited at both new Modules (2F and 2C) to become a full ART Member?
Where do I find the Membership Declaration?
When does ART need to see my DBS certificate?
How do I get a DBS via ART?

New Ringers & Learning the Ropes (LtR)
My ringer has stopped ringing before my Module 1 assessed lesson
How do I progress a ringer through a LtR Level?
Can I order a Level 1 certificate for a ringer I started to teach before I attended Module 1?
How do I assess a ringer for one or their LtR Levels?

SmART Ringer & IT
I’ve lost my SmART Ringer password

Help Centre Topics

More about Day Courses
The Accreditation & Assessment Process
ART Membership including insurance & safeguarding
New Ringers & the Learning the Ropes Scheme
SmART Ringer and IT issues including user login

Ask another Teacher or Ringer

If you have a general question about ringing or teaching why not ask another teacher or ringer on Facebook?

Question not answered?

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